How the Left is fighting.. not just to beat…but to Kill the Right

Simply put, the leftist media focuses on accentuating the mistakes and misdeeds of the right, while ignoring or lying about the same misdeeds of the left.
Numerous examples abound of the double standard of the left. Small snippets and eye blinks of coverage are given to the ‘bit’ of double standard that exists. When you have 80% of your reporters identifying with one side of the political spectrum, then you will get coverage slanted in that light.
Bill Maher, among others, slobber all over themselves to come up with new disgusting and viral ways to insult, denigrate, embarrass, humiliate, and destroy any and all conservative people, including blacks and women. But let Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck slip once and all hell breaks loose. It’s hard to fight against a bloc that has most of every imaginable advantage in it’s quiver. Name a special interest…its probably a Democrat interest…. Name a news outlet… democrat leaning. Name a past president that often seeks out the press… It’s a Democrat….
Can you imagine where we’d get ‘the other side’s POV’ if there was not talk radio, cable or the internet? We’d be spoon fed the leftist agenda 24/7 if FoxNews, Rush, or Breitbart hadn’t come along.

Now, due to scandal overseas where they had little to do with, the parents of FoxNews is softening their right leaning stance and going more mainstream (under orders from Rupert, no accident this was after the scandal and while there were threats from the DOJ to investigate phone tapping here), Breitbart is dead and Rush just got hammered.
This is no accident. This is a part of a widely known plan to crush the burgeoning momentum the right received from the grassroots Tea Party in 2010. Even the IRS is investigating the TP for various things hoping to quash the movement at the very time that the Liberty of our children hangs in the balance.
When you boast of infiltrating gov’t at every level, in every department (see my brief on the OWS-Anarchist video), when you control the knowledge taught to 3 generations (Public schools/universities), when you control the media where the masses get their ‘news’ (80% identify with Democrats), when you control the entertainment industry (movies, music, TV, etc), you have incredible power to affect change in a country.
The only cracks are the examples I laid out before. And THEY, those FEW examples of independent and contrarian thought, spawned the biggest mass grassroots political demonstration in the past 50 years, if not ever in American history.
Why is the left so scared of the right? Because, truth is a light. The light shined upon the weary, tax oppressed middle class of America and they answered the call to stand and be counted. The left saw that millions took the ball and ran. They organized as never before. They came out and were involved…as never before. They voted and changed the political landscape, as they never had before. They pushed back against the machine and the machine took notes.
The machine can’t let it happen again. 2012 will be a tough political year. All the tricks will come out from the left. More dead people than ever will vote more than ever.

They will employ all sorts of intimidation (remember the Black Panthers with clubs in Philly?). Expect that elsewhere. By hook, or by crook, the left will try to assure Obama’s reelection and reverse the TP momentum.
I have called this before. It’s inevitable. 2012 will be a tipping point for our future. We either rise up and go to the ballot box in droves, or allow the status quo to continue and accept the loss of this great nation to those that have been working for 100 years to finally succeed in destroying what was Man’s Greatest Experiment.

Political Notes From the Desk of Honesty

Rush—- Many years now, I’ve wished that Rush would exercise common sense in some of his blathering over-the-top comments…. I always thought it detracted from the GOOD that he could do. There have been many moments that he gets so good at articulating the conservative cause, that it brings me to the verge of tears. But then there are the moments where he slips into the ‘entertainer’ mode and strikes some low cord with some offcolor comment. Most times it works. But this time, the left was ready for the offspeed pitch and knocked him out.
It’s no surprise that while Maher could get away with “slut” comment, Rush could not…. Did he not learn anything from ESPN? And how’s that McNabb QB working out anyways? Like most things, Rush was right on both counts… but the left smells blood and Rush gave them an easy target.

Anthony Breitbart— This guy will be missed. I came across him in ’07 when he was a part of the ‘fringe’ reactionary strata. I dismissed him and his blog as being something of the ‘new tabloid’ media, and I’ll always regret that. What he did, what he uncovered along the way…what he exposed, is a credit to him, his will and his fearlessness. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was offed somehow. He had had some sort of spirited political confab just minutes before he died??? Probably not, but nothing would surprise me considering this man built 3 of the biggest conservative online properties ever. He was a major target, undoubtedly. Nevertheless, I am just sorry I did not recognize his genius and his love for liberty sooner.

Romney— Well, he won 6 of 10 states last night, Santorum got 3 and Gingrich got Georgia. Nary a mention of Paul or how he fared. Most media plastered the 2 leaders pictures on their covers, relegating Newt and Paul to mere afterthoughts. Romney is securing more endorsements as his train gathers more steam. Expect a Romney-Santorum ticket. Gingrich as Sec of State and Paul as Treasury Sec?? I can see Paul being shut out completely unless he can garner some more high finishes somewhere.

JC WATTS— I was surprised to hear JC Watts and Herman Cain going all out for Newt. I had known Cain was a big supporter, but Watts, I thought, would have rallied to one of the favorites sides. I always thought JC was a superstar just waiting for the right moment. Why he slipped into relative obscurity has puzzled me, although I know his bunch (Class of ’96) of Republican Congressmen, actually were committed to their pledges of Term Limits. Imagine…. Real live conviction…. I would like to see Watts re-surface as a force within the Republican party. He, Cain, and Allen West seem to me to epitomize what someone can dream to be no matter their color… or maybe despite the pigeon-holing of their color.

GOP Hopefuls

Who we have–

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Santorum, Ron Paul.

These are the heavy hitters for the GOP in 2012.

Mitt is neat as a pin, very deliberate, ‘the’ choice from the establishment GOP. Has a moderate history. Huge obstacle to overcome. Press loves to bash him and they love it more when fellow Repubs join in.

Newt Gingrich has some accomplishments but has some serious character flaws. Intelligent, yet maybe too much so for his own good. Has gone through 3 marriages and has cheated in 2 of them. Once is forgivable, twice is no accident.

Rick Santorum. Was booted out of his Governorship in 2010. Speaks very conservatively, believes in a strong foreign policy. Also well-dressed…
Real young..

Ron Paul. Lambasted as a kook. Has a grandfathery demeanor. Someone people know they ought to listen to. Has some mainstream media baggage with “fringe” groups that identify with his goals. Is outright ignored by most media outlets for reasons that they alone will ever truly know. Has a huge following with the youth and a massive presence in the ‘new’ media.

Does the GOP really want to win?
By looking at this stellar lineup, one has to think that the GOP either has no rising stars to bank on, or that they are thinking that Obama has no chance to win and that it’ll be a cake walk into the White House.
Back in 2008, the party looked like they might have some up and comers that would be ready to go toe-to-toe with Obama in 2012. A huge sweep led by TEA-party candidates in 2010 should have put the GOP in position to roll into Pennsylvania Avenue.
The more I examine this field the more I think that no, the GOP does not want to win. They may accept winning, but they want to make sure they have someone in the WH that does it ‘their’ way. No conservatism. No true sweeping change to the way business is conducted in DC.
Atleast that’s how it seems through the filters of the current media. The 2 truly decent people, Paul and Santrum are not taken seriously. At least… again, through the filter of the MSM… So we are left with moderates….

Who could we have?
JC Watts, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio.. perhaps a conservative industry giant… a battlefield general…

I am particularly interested in Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. JC Watts, I had always thought, epitomized the openness of the party to all.
This is an election that we (as the people) can’t afford to see lost to the status quo. I think the ultra-left (I mean even left of Nancy Pelosi et al) sees the same opportunity. Luckily, they are pre-OCCUPIED with their OWS non-sense and are only bringing negative news to the OWS cause.

The real threat they pose is disruption and infiltration of TEA-party and conservative events. They blew their wad in the wrong way by the occupation technique. While it was interesting and thought provoking at first, garnering sympathy from even the right for a time, they over step their bounds as I noted in a previous post where I dissected a “round table” meeting in the early going of OWS.

The GOP HAS to seize the climate of “REFORM” and follow through. They must look past the safe and stable status quo of big business and bigger government. If they fail, if they just go through the motions in this election season, who can ever take them seriously again?

The GOP establishment of the Rockefellers et. al, gave us the Nixon presidency, and the Ford candidacy in 70’s and cried bloody murder when it started to become apparent that Bush1 would lose to that Jelly bean eatin’ actor from California who actually knew his shit (that’s right folks… he did it the old fashioned way… with brief notes on 3×5 cards) in 1980.

Conservatism has only had brief periods of prominence in the past 50 years, mainly with Barry Goldwater and again with Reagan.

The country’s path has been progressive for over 100 years now, and we’re seeing the results displayed for all to see. There is a limit to what the government can do. People need to be free and need to know the value of hard work. They need to be able, not only to succeed, but to fail.

But the current crop of GOP’ers doesn’t inspire a serious shift in the normal SOP of government. They placate the right now, but will quickly ‘work with the other side of the aisle’ when the first piece of bad press comes out about a controversial piece of legislation.

Backbone. The Republicans need a man with backbone. An uncompromising man of great courage, intellect, class, charm, and …damnit, integrity. A man strong enough to sweep the Republicans with his coattails into a super majority. And THEN get them to actually make the changes they promised.

Where is he? Who is John Galt?

“…Don’t exhaust yourself to help build the kind of world that you see around you now. In the name of the best within you, don’t sacrifice the world to those who will take away your happiness for it.”— John Galt speech Ayn Ryan’s Atlas Shrugged 1957

Love Affair with Newt

The love affair with Newt
I have to admit, I am a kool-aid drinker. I thought Newt Gingrich was an awesome guy and knew the lessons of history. I was kinda even glad he had supplanted Romney as the frontrunner in the race for the GOP nomination.
Then I saw his past flip flops and his different takes on the same subject sometimes only separated by mere months. His Libya stance comes to mind there.
Newt Gingrich was a hero of mine. Led the GOP back to House rule for the first time in 40 years in 1996. To put it in perspective, the Republicans were the minority in the house for almost 20% of the republics existence. 40 years in a row. Let that just fester in your head for a while. Think there is no comparison between those Elephants and today’s??? Look at the players. Look at what was being debated. Look them up. Seriously.
I saw a phrase or a ‘virtue’ of Newt’s referenced twice within the last 10 hours. Newt is good at debating and that’s what his supporters want. Not someone who can beat Obama, but someone that can out articulate and out debate him.
So what do the Republicans offer for 2012? Santorum, McDonnell, Perry, Romney, Paul, Newt, Huntsman. I liked Cain, thought he was perfect. A black conservative. Honest, a straight shooter, a guy with a can-do attitude. A proud American. Yeah, and who had a penchant for the ladies. Never mind O went to a racist church, hung around an unapologetic terrorist, did coke, no Cain is the bogeyman because he had some unsubstantiated flings.
The left will try to crush whoever the right brings to the match. The right either appeases or is complicit and happy about being 2nd fiddle, because they never fight back toe-to-toe.
Newt is not the fighter we need. We need Ron Paul. Atleast I hope he is who he is made out to be…
We need the Right to realize that THEY had the right mix, the right formula, the right combination between governance and liberty. It’s called the Constitution. The Founders had it right, even with the Federalists being the 1770’s version of ‘Progressives’.
Business as usual will keep us going on as usual, with perhaps a few years every now and then of a pull back. But the trend will continue until the lil’ guy can’t take it anymore. And personally, I feel the lil’ guy has let it be known plenty loudly exactly what he thinks of the situation.
The big boys had better be payin’ attention.

Are You a Tebow-hatin’ American?

Tim Tebow—- More Hated than the Taliban???
I don’t deal with sports items too much on this blog but in this case it’s different. Tim Tebow and his very public love and appreciation of Christ is apparently the big event every Sunday.
Tebow is a gifted athlete. He graduated from the University of Florida. He is just the latest and the easiest target for the Hate Christ Brigade.
I don’t know Tebow. I never followed Florida or Denver really. There is more to worry about than a kids game played by spoiled multi-millionaire idiots who burn through their money like dried mesquite.
But this is cuts to the root of what America faces. Tebow-mania and Anti-Tebow-ism are symptomatic of the divide in our nation right now. America is in such a decline that an individual is ridiculed for his public display of appreciation for God’s gift.
Now, let me set this straight. I have always thought that such celebration or ‘thanks’ seemed to be a little self-aggrandizing and self-promoting. But wait.. .wait wait wait…. Wait. Did I say “I always thought…”? Why, yes I did.
Tebow is not the first to “Tebow”. There were Team Prayers even in little league and pee wee football. There have been numerous athletes that point to the sky or kneel after TD’s. It’s been going for decades. Notre Dame’s football field is situated so that a mural Touchdown Jesus can watch from a closeby building.
So-o-o-o, why is there such sudden heat and vitriol about Tebow? The only other time there was this much outcry was when a reject QB from the NFL’s European minor leagues (World League of American Football) by the name Kurt Warner gave thanks to Jesus for the win when he hoisted the Super Bowl trophy after his Rams won the 2000 Super Bowl.
But now even Warner wants Tebow to tone down his rhetoric. Why is it so different just 3 years removed since Warner last led a team (Arizona) to a Super Bowl and last professed his thanks?
What has these people worried about a young athlete that apparently loves God so much? What could be wrong with that?
The deeper meaning, or actually loss of meaning, is that Elite America doesn’t want the Light of God to shine on her inequities and her flaws. People KNOW they need to lead Christ-like lives and they simply refuse to do it. It’s inconvenient, time consuming, uncomfortable, embarrassing, etc. etc. etc.
And what has that freedom to ignore and shun God gotten us? Like other empires that have come before us, we are in a freefall due to degeneration of core values. What once was shamed is now tolerated… What once was tolerated is now the norm… What was the norm is now the exception.
How much of America’s decline is in reality? We perceive the decline because of what we’re exposed to in the media. Downright filth being broadcast in primetime on network TV, biased news, seemingly zero righteous men in high office, venomous lyrics passing as Pop music, horrendous educational industry perpetuating the scourge of ignorance that is epidemic in our republic ABOUT our Republic, the list goes on.
One cannot hope to stem the massive societal trend that we are on now. Tebow can’t do it, Billy Graham couldn’t do it. When Jesus was preaching, even after 4 years, and after so many witnessed his miracles and heard The Word, he only had a handful of women and men that followed him.
We can only hope to control what we truly have control over— Overselves. If we do that, if enough of us truly do that, then the Nation and more importantly the IDEAL of freedom has a chance to recover and again flourish, if not on this continent, perhaps elsewhere on this Earth. Tim Tebow is showing us that, with Grace comes responsibility to acknowledge the Master and to give him the Glory. Tebow has a stage and he is using it to shine the light. It’s not his fault America feels dirty and guilty.

High Tensions Over Drones

High Tensions Over Drones
The US military uses 7000 airborne unmanned aircraft. These craft range in size from an insect, to a hobby RC plane which is launched like one might throw a football, to ones that are launched via runways and carry combat loads like the Predator. Most are of the spy variety, looking for intelligence, identifying targets.

This element of the ever evolving battlefield is controlled by the USA. And it is a big, important, vital piece of the American War Machine. But, the very benefit of the unmanned aircraft is becoming its Achilles Heel. While the pilot is safe, 7000 miles away from the combat lines, the system’s functional integrity and the final thought processes required in pressing that trigger mechanism have come under assault.

While we’re currently facing the news that Iran has it’s talons on a “highly secret” RQ-109, the American UAV’s have been under electronic siege for years, including a recent hack job where a ‘logging’ virus infiltrated the supposedly segregated and clean habitat at a USAF base in Nevada just in September of this year. Simple thumbdrives are again the ‘carriers’ of this virus and the seemingly inoculated USAF system has become infested with it.

“We keep wiping it off,” said a Danger Room source in an article I read. “And it keeps coming back.” That’s not what you want to hear when you speak of a virus.

Most of the USAF experts believe it is a keylogger virus, keeping track of every keystroke that is made. But this seems too persistent and virulent just to be a keylogger.

Is it any accident that Iran swore to revenge the Stuxnet virus attack that crippled 5 different Iranian organizations? The RQ-170, which looks an awful lot like the B-2 Stealth Bomber (thus, perhaps, using some of the same stealth properties and techniques), may yield the Iranians nothing but a propaganda victory, but shows that the UAV class of assets is susceptible to failure, be it loss of control (flying out of range), or technologically based (interception, jamming, and possible hostile takeover). And a UAV WITH stealth capabilities may yet yield a crippling discovery for manned stealth assets. With their Chinese/Russian friends penchant for E-attacks on American assets, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have some sophistication in the arena of e-espionage.

The e-attacks aren’t the only burr in the back side of the UAV service. More than a few have had their video feed encrypted, so the militants have latched on to the feed with a $26 piece of software, and have seen the footage live just as they do at CentCom in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. These electrical compromises show that the system is not inoculated and shows that the US does not ‘own the sky’ outright any more. The savings, in fuel, construction, even in the amount of personnel seem to be countered by the glaring weakness in the network security.

Now comes word of a separate incident where a Predator crashed in the island nation of the Seychelles.

A second concern about UAV’s is the insulation and separation the craft gives to the ‘pilot’ far away from the combat theater and the cushion from immediate feedback of the destruction and gravity of executing the mission.

30 CIA craft (mainly piloted by USAF pilots in Nevada) have struck 200+ times in Pakistan and killed (according to Wash Post) 2000 militants and civilians. Another article put it at as much as a 15-1 civvie-militant death ratio.cfb It doesn’t help matters that the Taliban/islamists love to hide amongst families. They do not fight man-to-man. They battle in ways that make us puke. But the facts are, a lot of ‘innocents’ are paying the price. Perhaps that’s part of the strategy. Making the cost too high to continue to shelter the dimwits that hold them hostage via force.

UAV’s, as an asset, deserves a place in our arsenal, but I have always thought eyes on target, in the form a physical presence, that can absorb some of the subtle nuances of the local theater, gives far more benefit than just a guy in a robe in some base thousands of miles away. With the continued outsourcing of critical parts, especially from a country that has shown a desire… no, a lust to steal information, and worse, a glee at supplying mass amounts of inferior and faulty parts to many places in markets military and civilian, it seems counter-productive to continue to that relationship.

Americans will have to come to grips with the fact that we’re in the midst of WW3. This war has seen us bluster about for 10 years and use up precious resources over terrorists stuck in the 16th century, yet ignore the more pressing attacks from nations far more capable of ending every life on the continent. It’s an amazing development. We average dolts did not forsee the degree of conflict from the East, but we did see that the Middle East was a region bursting at the seams and aching for a fight.

The UAV is a tool that for a long time has been a safe and reasonably secure piece of weaponry in the US arsenal. But it’s recent vulnerabilities are being loudly proclaimed, and are out there for all to see…friend and foe.. and the DOD would be wise to make critical software adjustments as fast as humanly possible. They should piggyback that change with altering their usage of UAV’s in combat and exposure of them to hostile forces. They are no longer immune to failure and unless it tactically important, they should be held in reserve unless there is a dearth of satellite coverage.



I’ve written in the past posing the question “Where do we go from here?”

This question, in it’s simplicity, asks the reader to contemplate life after the USA as we know it.

I try to be objective and even maintain a positive outlook on the country. . I really do. Try, I mean. I have 2 growing kids for Christ’s sake.

I’ve never been a negative person. Growing up, I was always taught that the sun always rises, the early bird gets the worm, Early to bed early to rise…. Etc. All positive quotations and clichés.

But, I’ve never seen my country in this condition. 50 years into the Great Society and we’re broke. I mean, yes, we heard ‘broke’ back in the 70’s, 80’s, ‘90’s and ‘00’s. But we’re seriously broke this time.

Here are some things to ponder:

When your Fed chairman, as a legitimate strategy to fix debt says, “We can always print more money, we’ll never be broke”, you know you are either living in Bizzaro world or you really don’t understand world economics like you thought.What he expects is that other bankrupt countries will continue to buy our debt.

When your children have to take remedial courses in college because they REALLY aren’t smarter than a fifth grader, you know you’re school systems are places where there is more baby sitting going on than learning.

When jobs are going overseas at a whirlwind pace, you know that 1) Unions suck, 2) its cheaper to produce goods elsewhere, 3) regulations are stifling for business here.

When you’re engaged in at least 2 real wars, 2 or 3 proxy wars, and maybe 2 more ‘engagements’, all the while cutting the defense sector and veteran care, you know there is a blatant strategy to weaken the Armed Forces for some reason via attrition of both equipment and troops.

When you allow millions of people (refugees) to pour into the country while not demanding the other country to get it’s act together so that these people will find THEIR country more suitable to live in, you know the long term strategy is actually to overtake that country in a way that sees the USA grow almost twice in size.

When you learn that the overall high school dropout rate is 35% EVERY year… and that in large Democrat controlled cities it’s as much as 75%, you know there is a massive effort to dumb-OUT the people of those areas so that they are dependant and easily swayed (manipulated) to whatever the machine tilts them towards.

When you understand these things and many other issues, you see that the country has deteriorated at a rapid rate. This decline, often written and postulated about in other articles elsewhere for years, has been precipitous and at an almost freefall rate.

With all these issues, at their current level of decline, is there a real chance of arresting the fall and reclaiming the higher moral standards of our fore fathers?

The answer is a simple, “No.”

Established societies always go in one direction, down. As a society grows it is living with the ideals that founded it. As the society ages, these ideals get pushed back further from the point of implementation and each and every year those values retreat further in the group consciousness and other items start to blossom and get louder and suddenly the original mores are either ignored or forgotten. The more people you have, the more pressures on the former standards. The more tolerance, the more abuse. There’s a reason why hard ass generals, coaches, and Presidents get results.

America is no different. We are the sum of her people. This country was founded on principles of Freedom that people had fought over and won since the Magna Carta was signed almost 800 years ago (1210ad). Her train may be ready to pull out and leave the station. There have been other dire times, but I can’t recall where all these things have lined up so perfectly and in such a weakened state… at the same time. We are now a nation of limp lilly men and touchy feely policies.

“Where do we go from here?”, noone knows. But with all these issues, the continued over taxation, the approaching BOOMER bust, the approaching ‘austerity’, the approaching European depression, the looming Iranian War, dueling Anarchist/Communist/Islamist hostile takeovers, America will be hard pressed to maintain her stature as the world’s strongest, wealthiest, mightiest nation on any list.

The Great Joe Paterno is Gone

Papa Joe. JoePa.

An icon. An institution unto himself. He WAS Penn State.

84 years old and subjected now to an unbelieveable, indescribable, and ignominious legacy. He won’t be remembered for helping thousands of kids and youngsters get an education and live productive lives.

No, he’ll be tarred and feathered for his ‘role’ in a pedophile scandal involving an asst. coach and friend who he knew for 30 years or more.

When advised of allegations, he told the university. What else should he have done??? Perhaps he should have fired the guy on the spot, or maybe bent him over his knee and spank him? No… he simply told the people that needed telling. And they told the Penn State president.And the complaint didn’t come from the kid, it came from a graduate coach who is now the Wide receiver coach. Yet all those that he told are either fired or charged with not calling the authorities.

When we stand in judgment of another, especially without knowing all the facts, we expose ourselves to what Jesus saw when he protected some lowlife.
“Those that are without sin, cast the first stone.”

What he didn’t say… and had enough class and respect NOT to say was this, “And all others- STFU.”

Our society thrives on ‘judgment’. Rick Perry’s gaffe makes him an idiot. Paterno is a blind old man that allowed this to happen for years and didn’t do a thing about it. Conservatives are stupid, uneducated and racist. Liberals are conniving hippies from the 60’s who refuse to grow up.

Hmmmm, ok.. the last one is accurate, but you get my point. What makes the Republicans, and TP especially, different is that we DO give the other side an honest chance for debate and consideration. It’s just that after 60+ years, the time for compromise and acquiescing is over and the time for redirection onto a firmer and more productive path is here.

JoePa and this latest incident is another in a long line of instances that divert attention from the true issues and onto some incidental, micro-societal issue that chews up air time that would be better served exploring MACRO-societal issues. Since when is it ok in this country to pass judgment on another before PROVEN guilty? The news cycle and the media storm is when this began. And it’s ruined many a life.

JoePa shouldn’t have to pay the price for another’s sins. By all reports the man is the hardest working man in football and has shown that work ethic for his entire tenure.He didn’t ‘follow up’ and call the police.
But no, the university wanted blood, wanted someone to be held into account, and its JoePa. I’m sure JoePa’s age, contract, and other inter-university political factors (he WAS Penn State… and you know how academia people feel about jocks) did not come into play. No, not at all.

JoePa was a tough SOB. He was hurt coaching several times over the last 5 years.
In 06 he couldn’t avoid a onrushing player and messed up his knee.
In 08, at the age of 80….yes EIGHTY… he was demonstrating onside kickoffs and suffered a sprained hip…
And this year he got nailed again and suffered a broke shoulder and hip.

Odds are, JoePa dies before either the year is out, or as football cranks up next year. No sweat, just another old guy who used to build young men into great men, gone. Something we desperately need in society today.

Occupy Idiots… and other Truths

I sat down and watched a 2 hour tape (thanks to Glenn Beck) of a small sit down get together of some of the ‘leaders’ who are orchestrating some of the OWS events. This ‘panel’ discussion took place right after mayor Bloomberg caved in the attempt to ‘clean up’ Zuccotti Park…
Glenn focused on the comment one clown said about Glenn having more insight on the situation than even the leftie media… That is what they said, but there is mucchhhh more important tidbits

What I’m going to do is dissect the video and it’s deeper, more concerning implications…including (I hope, seems there’s a problem in ‘rewinding’ the time bar to precise moments) time marks for reference of the particular comment.
Here is the full video

The Panel:
Moderator far left— (please correct)
Jody D. (or Dean?)
Chris Mizzano
Doug Henwood- 60’s leftover commie, radio host
to the RIGHT of the Mod
Malcolm Harris
Natasha Leonard
Event titled: “Left polictics and strategy in the context of OWS”
My overall opinion is that this is an adhoc organization right now. They are full of themselves and at first don’t really want to take questions. They love to hear themselves talk and debate.
The guy in the middle (never introduces himself) is the MC.It does appear that the older guy may have introduced him at the very beginning.. He moderates the two sides and there are two sides. The 3 to his left are devout communists, the 2 to his right are non-apologetic Anarchists. The girl on the far right is the NYT reporter (Natasha Leonard) and she loves the word ‘fuck’.

The 2 sides are obviously bickering about ‘where do we go from here’… and future tactics.
The one’s on the far right are immature and are happy discovering people’s ‘communality’

Review of Panel Members:
Natasha Leonard- Obviously educated. Like the others, intensely passionate about her cause. Immature in expectations and future scope of the movement. Loves “fuck”
Malcolm Harris- He’s the one who brings up Beck. Gives Beck a lot of credit, but condensendingly. His rival seems to be Chris Pizzano (sorry..missed his 1st name). Harris seems immature as well, with several childish and vain comical attempts. He and Natasha lash out at Pizzano during a rebuttal Pizzano was giving about where “Occupy Wall Street” slogan started.
Chris Pizzano- Leader type. Wants to: “Engage with the state, take it over and remake society by using state power” (12:18 +/-) that got lots of laughs for some reason.

(14:18+/-) The moderator says something about Anarchists, and the you hear a couple of “I’m one” “Me too”
and then the 2 on the far right, Harris and Leonard point to themselves and acknowldege they too are Anarchists.
Obviously, these ‘anarchists’ do not still fear the state. While the moderator was really referring that the crowd had more than a few, they were all incognito. Butthe young immature ones identified themselves as such. This is valuable information. And another reason why shortsighted gloryhounds will always bite themselves.

(14:54)Moderator asks about “how many people have strong conviction about what Anarchism is and what it means.” He seems well versed in Anarchism because he states that “anarchism” has seeped into various movements…over the past 10-15 years.”

At 15:20 an attendee loses patience and says, “I thought we were here to talk about leadership…”
Natasha condensendingly says, “annnd so we aree…” The panelists are truly of the opinion they are the end all and be all of the movement and that the attendees are there to absorb their infinite knowledge and wisdom.
(16:50)She mentions “… Being in a space and experimenting is what this is about for alot of anarchists that I’ve spoken to..and myself included…” This is immediately jumped on by Jody on the far right. She is a devout Commie and considers that the ‘long history of individualism’ of America and that ‘it hurts understanding collectivism..and doesn’t recognise the “miracle” that is happening on Wall Street…”

This period of the video seems to establish a deeper and profound chasm between the Communists and the Anarchists. The anarchists are out for one’s self and individual experiances, while the Commies are more interested in focusing the energy of the participants into a group or collective path.
This seems to be a bitter divide and it is again addressed later with the moderator referring to 2 emails he got from 2 seperate panelists (My assumption would be Mizzano and Harris). The mod dismisses any friction and simply states that “We’re still comrades.”

A very important part comes at 24:00+/- when Harris gets up and states his disagreement with the older gent and states that it was the “Ultra left communist insurrectionaries” that originated “occupation” as a tactic in the US.
Mizzano instantly got up and contested that contention… this was met with guffaws from both Harris and Leonard. This is again proof that there is dissention and conflict within the 2 entities. This can be exploited or left alone to allow to fester and eventually allow to dissolve the momentum.
Beginning at 28:00 natasha Leonard gets up and reveals that challenging the PTB can be as simple as interacting with others in an unforseen or unexpected way (ie..crapping on a police car— to them, that is a legitimate ‘tactic’).. tptb are in all our ‘coded’ relations.”

This again brought consternation from Jody as she makes the case where common things (in commies eyes) like water, food, transportation, air, health, etc need to be goals and celebrated and thus taken out of “the market”.

As this can be tedious, We fast fwd now…..
At 1:03:25 there is a HUGE older anarchist ( I thought they were all bored college aged 60’s wannabees— is this what one looks like after 40 years in the corporate world?) that stands up and rants about the ‘narrow range of topics discussed..” There is a huge divide between these 2 forces and it would benefit free people to do some homework on that.
At 1:06:00 another attendee gets up and asks why the panel didn’t answer about the “whiteness” of the movement. Earlier.. .6 minutes earlier, a white girl had gotten up and asked about diversity in the movement and the panel moved on without response. Now this guy focuses the attention back onto that question…

No response…. The truth of the chasm’s in the movements is deafeningly silent, yet unmistakeable.

@ 1:12:00 an attendee gets up and lectures them on possibly wasting an opportunity to strategize instead of “showing us how big your brains are…”
Number one, they’re idiots for having this open meeting to begin with. They toyed atleast 2 times with instigating a riot by joking about “I was kinda hoping we’d have a riot tonight…maybe we’ll get one..” and “there are banks right around here..just sayin'”…
This group of ‘intellectuals’ are proof that classroom studies and mental deliberations cannot transfer (by themselves) to the street. The real world and 300 million freepeople, and they’re actions will render communist inclinations null. They’ve seen over the last 50 years what socialism brings and it’s left a bad taste in their mouths.

The final part that I’ll cover is when Mizzano says that the next thing that ought to happen is that people need to occupy where people are rooted.. instituions, much like what what happened earlier in the year when Wisconsin’s state capital was ‘occupied’ for an extended time.

My summary is this: This movement, if we are to take what is on the tape as representative of the ‘leadership’ and the ‘elite’ of the movement, is at war with itself. It is a dangerous movement, openly talking about overthrow and insurrection. “Not to take over the state…but to smash it utterly..”-(big anarchist) … there is NO doubt what these peoples goals are.
And they say it openly without caution and without repercussions.

Another revelation is that few of them had distinguishing haircuts, or piercings. These look like normal people that can fit into any surroundings. This is a BIG point, especially with 2012 Tea Party Rallies and other Conservative gatherings.

Just to curdle your blood a little more, @ 1:32:00 started talking about violence being next…
“One of the things I’m mapping out is… and one is inviting cop violence.. or property damage or some provocation…”

They know they cannot amount to any amount of force without ‘pulling the centrists to us’.

They are looking forward to NYState’s $2.5 billion shortfall as another opportunity to create noise.

This whole “occupy” may amount to nothing more than an academic exercise, but it merits intense scrutiny and further monitoring. They are scared of it fizzling out. They referred several times to Seattle 1999 (G7 meeting I think), and the Spanish uprising earlier in the year…

There could easily be violent confrontations and infiltrations of TP events. They do not and will not play by the rules, their arguments always fail under equal light.

Its the Cosmic Rays Man!!!!

For years people have argued Man is a destructive creature that Nature and Earth held in check through various ways. But, finally, after the industrial age, Man had developed to the point to where Nature could not hold him in check, much less recover from his abuse.

With the onset of the Hippie Age, treehugging, “flower power”, etc. came the notion that the world was cooling because of Man. When the temps started rising in the 80’s, it became cool to talk about Global Warming was due to Man.

Now we have evidentiary proof that its Cosmic Rays and the Suns magnetic field that have far more to do with the warming of the world than little ol’ man.

CERN, you know… those guys that built the Large Hadron Collider with billions of your tax dollars, they had this scientist, Jasper Kirkby that believed that “1/2 to the whole of the increase in the Earth’s temperature that we have seen in the last century” could be explained by the theory that cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in Earth’s atmosphere can grow and seed clouds, the cloudier and thus cooler it will be. Because the sun’s magnetic field controls how many cosmic rays reach Earth’s atmosphere (the stronger the sun’s magnetic field, the more it shields Earth from incoming cosmic rays from space), the sun determines the temperature on Earth.

Wow, this is important, right? Yeah, except this was stated in 1998. And after the notoriously neutral Danish scientists responsible for his inspiration became victims of the Warmist religion after a briefing in 1996.

Mr. Kirkby was assaulted by the AGW crowd and his further study, called CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets), was delayed. Kirby began to back door negotiate within CERN in order to restart CLOUD. It took 10 years of negotiating away any interpretation of the findings and to include that cosmic radiation is “one of many parameters”. And then once it was approved, it took more years to test the cloud chamber and prove it’s test worthiness and simulation of Earth’s atmosphere.

Basically, the experiment went in 3 phases. The first phase, at 3:45am ultraviolet light began to create molecules (which by its self… in a independent and controlled environment is amazing— almost God-like), then the CLOUD environment began to electrically remove ions and molecular clusters (lightning???).
At 4:33am that process stopped and then allowed galactic Cosmic Rays to enter the chamber from the roof of the building in Geneva.
At 4:58am the chamber beamed in charged ion particles (replicating more cosmic rays) with the rate of cluster formation increasing at a near Obama-stimulus factor.

I will try to include the graph…. Ohhh, yeah.. .the graph. Funny thing. The study was published in “Nature”… but this decisive graph was left out of the print version…must have had too many advertisers and they ran out of space…

The CERN Graph

So, what does this have to do with prepping, and “Don’t Tread On Me”?


If they can control what is produced in the world, they can controll the people, and ultimately, who lives and dies (population). They can control, at least in a macro way, who is affulent and who is not.
Self-determination would no longer be possible.

We always knew the AGW argument was bogus and tripe. But now, with definitive proof, something that shows that cosmic rays produce CLOUDS and cloud cover…and that the SUN’s magnetic field is the controlling factor on how much cosmic radiation we receive, have you seen this study broadcast over the news? If you did, was more than a blurb? Or was it trumped by a hurricane, or earthquake.. or feeble leftist insults aimed at honest hardworking people?

Global Warming, attributed to ONLY man, is a crock.